X-Rayed Films

After developing the first roll of film, I was keen to experiment with the other brand of films I bought, Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400 and Agfa Vista Plus 400. I loaded the Fujifilm on 12 Nov, and it took me a week to finish off the 24 exposures. I was trying to finish it off before I head off to Queensland as I didn’t want to leave the film in the camera while going through the X-ray scanning machine at the airport.

I read a little about unexposed and exposed films being nuke while scanning through these X-ray machine. However, information on Qantas website indicates that any films below the ASA1600 should be okay. While some forums recommend to hand in the film for a manual check, I’m not too sure if the customs officer will be interested in entertaining three rolls of ASA400 films. Since I can’t find any trustworthy information anywhere online, I reckon I would just have to try it myself. So I brought along three rolls of films, the Agfa Vista Plus 400, the Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400 and the Kodak Ultramax 400 (expired).

While most people would probably go through the scanning once even on transit, as a smoker, I have to do it twice. Meaning the three rolls of films was x-rayed twice on my way to Rockhampton via Brisbane. From some online articles, check-in luggage is a no-go for photographic films as the x-ray machine is much stronger than those use for carry-on luggage.

Praying that everything will be fine, I photographed two rolls of films within five days, the Agfa and the Fujifilm. Before I return to Melbourne, I knew these rolls of film would have to go through the X-ray scanning twice again, but I have no fear it will ruin my precious work. If it turns out, the films were all damaged; it will be a valuable lesson. I do have a backup plan if the negatives turn out to be destroyed. For the future trip, I will just purchase the films at the destination (sourced) and mail it back to Melbourne before my flight home. I’m just assuming that domestic postage will not undergo X-ray scanning, but I will have to check it out from some experts.

On Saturday, I dropped off three rolls of exposed films to the lab and will be collecting the negatives and scanned copy on Wednesday. Right now, the Kodak Ultramax 400 (expired), which was x-ray four times has been load into the camera. Let’s just see how it turn out and pray for the best.

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