Why the Sony a7S?

My first camera was a Canon, so was my second. Then my iPhone became my primary practise in photography. So why do I need another camera? I’m the least to be known as a gearhead, I always believe the camera is just a tool for you to create the imagery. Quality for me is what you include/exclude in that frame, the content, not the mega pixels. 

Last year during my mobile photography practise, I started documenting the suburbs at night. I was fascinated by the available light in the quiet suburbs. I wasn’t comfortable bringing along my DSLR for a photowalk at night, especially in certain suburbs in Victoria. I’m not particularly interested to do long exposure shot, as it takes up time and isn’t the type of imagery I’m looking at. So I decided to use my iPhone, good for snap-and-go photography. Most of the time, I will be driving around looking for interesting or available light in suburbs, streetlamp, signboard, factory floodlight etc.

This project has been put on the shelf for a while, due to work commitment, I couldn’t stay up late at night to do the shoot. However, I decided to push on with this project using the weekend to do it and maybe to publish a photo book for this series. That’s when I started to go through my previous images again. Some are alright and should be printable but there are a lot that doesn’t seems to be suitable for print. At times, I would photograph against a light source and that caused a bright dot in the image due to the lens. And many times, the images were too grainy to be printed.

So it came to a conclusion that I needed a new camera. A small and lightweight one, with good night capability to photograph handheld in low light condition and would also be good for other genre of photography. I came to know about Sony camera from Mark Galer, my lecturer for one semester at RMIT when I was doing my BA Photography. He actually let me tested the a7S before I make the decision. I also did consider Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic and even Pentax.  However, there is only one clear winner, the King of Low Light, the Sony a7S. I’m really new to Sony camera, so I did my research online watching reviews on YouTube and online photography forums and websites. 

One particular video caught my attention, it’s by Jason Lanier on why he left Nikon for Sony.

After a few reviews, I made up my mind for the Sony a7S. I did hesitated for a while as Sony is launching it’s new a7R Mark 2 really soon, not sure if I’m going to get this new product or stick to the a7S. But then, 42 megapixels isn’t that attractive to me at the moment for my kind of work, however the 5-axis image stabilisation does. The price difference of AUD$1000 more does put me off again. I secretly thought the new a7RII is still no match to the a7S in terms of low light capability. And its proven here.

Beside the low light capability, there is a feature that I really love about the Sony a7S, that is the silent mode shooting. It’s totally silent just like my iPhone in silent mode! And the adjustable monitor, great for high as well as low angle perspective shoot. Anymore? I will update you once I figure it all out. At the time of this blog post, I only had this little beast for two weeks. But I will be sharing my thoughts of how this little beast perform when I roam the street with it.

So to end this blog post, here is a photograph captured at night with the Sony a7S for my renewed series, While You Were Asleep. See the difference?

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