Where do the children play?

I haven’t been writing a lot since my exhibition, so many things going on but I promise I will try.

Few weeks ago, I chanced upon this unique installation of mist that create an ephemeral cloud in the sculpture garden at NGV International, St Kilda Road. It was the school holidays and kids were playing around, trying to find their way in and out of the mist. I started photographing them. The scene of children running in the mist seems to resemble something else to me, people crying and running away from tear gas, or victims trying to escape from a bombed scene. It was a total juxtaposition of what was in my mind. These children in my photographs will never understand that in other part of the world, other children were suffering from fear of scenes like these. Probably, I’m lucky not to be in that situation as well. While we are enjoying the peace, I should be content to be able to document children playing, so let the children play, wherever they are. As for those children in conflict zones, I hope one day, they will start to play again, just like any other kids. 

I have decided to name these series of photos with a song’s name by Cat Stevens, “Where do the children play?” and you can view them on my Instagram account @thomaslimphotography as I upload them. 

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