What should I blog about?

I’m not good at writing, that’s why I prefer to take pictures. But since I upgraded to the Professional version on Format.com, it includes 1000 pages and blog feature, so I thought might as well make good use of it and document some useful stuff from my photography journey. 

If you are reading this, you should have browsed through my website with images photographed by an iPhone, so I don’t have to introduce myself again with what I’m doing in photography. But to make it clear, I don’t consider myself a street photographer, or a mobile photographer, not anymore. I’m just a photographer based in Melbourne. I photograph people, walls, people and walls, sometime pigeons and cats. Some said my work is repetitive, some said it’s my style, it doesn’t really bother me what others said about my work, I’m enjoying what I’m doing. Photograph what you love and love what you photograph. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Grammar and spelling mistakes are normal in this blog, so bear with me. If you understand, you understand, if not, drop me an email or don’t bother at all. I will be blogging about some new projects which I will start soon, it’s exciting for me so stay tuned.

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