Unboxing The Little Beast

Yes, I bought a Sony. Not as a replacement, but I will talk about the reason why in my next blog post. I ordered online through Sony Online Store and it was delivered on 24th July. On 23rd July, I received an email from Sony Store that my order has been dispatched from Sydney. A check on DHL portal and realise the delivery date was the next day. So I prepared to stay at home the whole day to wait for it. I reckon most of you had that feeling before, waiting for your order to reach your doorstep. It was a long wait.

It finally arrived! The moment when you saw that DHL van stopping outside your place, I felt like a kid waiting for his Christmas presents from Santa. I opened the door even before the delivery reach my doorstep. He passed the parcel to me, and asked for my name. I thought I needed to sign something but he mentioned that signature device was out of battery, he will do it (for me) once it’s fully charged. Hmmmm…….

Never mind if I signed it or not, at least the parcel was in my hand now. Put it down on the floor, out came my iPhone, I will document the process for my blog! I pick up the box, shake it a little and I can feel the stuffs moving inside, not a very secure packaging I thought, especially when I paid so much for it, shouldn’t it be packed with care?

Sony a7s camera body, additional battery/charger and Zeiss FE35mm F2.8. I need that additional battery because the tiny little battery for a7s only last 380 shots and I definitely photograph more than that in a day. 35mm prime lens on a full frame camera, perfect for street photography? Maybe, but after photographing with my iPhone for so long, I’m used to “zoom with my feet” than using telephoto lens.

The camera body looks solid, magnesium alloy body with dust and moisture resistance. The grip is one reason why I prefer it over the Fuji X100. Did I mentioned the monitor at the back is adjustable?

Last check, this 35mm F2.8 is the flattest among the Sony/Zeiss lens in terms of size. Retail price for this lens is AUD$999, a little pricey but I guess it’s worth the money with that little blue logo on it.

Yes, it actually came with TWO batteries! So with the additional battery I ordered, I have no more excuse like “I ran out of battery”. Interestingly, it also include 3 types of power socket, good for those who travel a lot. With the adaptor, I can also charge the battery in the camera with a USB cable provided.

Overall, I’m satisfy with just the look of it, now to get this little beast some workout! 

In the next blog post, I will tell you why I pick this little beast.

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