The Verdict

Woke up early on a Saturday because I had a few errand to run and one of them is to collect my negatives, prints and scan files from a lab in Fairfield. But before that, drove to VanBar Imaging to buy a new battery for the light meter, a 49mm lens cap for the Olympus OM10 and hoping to stock up some films but was disappointed. Apparently, color films at ASA400 and 36 exposure were very limited, and there wasn’t much variety to choose, a huge contrast to black and white negatives. Since I am at the trial stage of different types of film, I grabbed two rolls of Agfa Vista Plus 400 at 24 exposures.

Tried not to hang around too long at VanBar as they said, the longer you stay, the more you spend. So hurry down to the lab to collect my stuff and hoping for the best. I would say I’m happy when I saw the prints but probably a little over exposed in some of the photos. You see, the camera I’m using is on aperture priority, which means I can’t control the shutter speed. The maximum shutter speed on the camera is 1/1000th of a second, anything over it, I will have to compensate with the aperture, which I seldom do. The film I used, Kodak Ultramax 400 expired in 2009, so I was shooting it with the ISO setting at 320, a stop down. I can still live with it as I knew post processing at a later stage would be able to fix the problem. Before I left, I grabbed a pack of three rolls of Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400 at 24 exposures from the lab to test it out.

I head over to Bill’s place to show him the result of my first film photography since graduating from school. From his experience, the negatives show everything is fine. The overexposure could be a result of the scanning and printing, which at times, auto-corrected the exposure differently.   

The images you saw in this article are the original scan copy of JPEG file by the lab without any digital manipulation on my end. I’m pretty satisfied with how I had shot in manual focus on this camera, and the only setback was the 50mm focal length which I’m not comfortable. I love to get near my subjects when using the 35mm lens on my Sony A7s, so I find myself repeatedly repositioning while shooting with the 50mm lens and was leaning my back against the wall in some narrow space to include the background. So my next wishlist has to be the 35mm lens.

As for the content, I probably got eight average shots out of the 38 exposures on the roll; the rest were crap. But during this trial stage, I’m not concern about the hit rate; it’s more on familiarizing the medium and process. Well, I took the first step, let’s see how it goes. 

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