The Long March

“Let’s go!” the leader of the marshals shouted out and the march begins. Beside participants chatting among one another and having their photograph taken with the on duty police officers, the march started quietly. There was no chanting of slogan or whatsoever, it was really peaceful and organised. 

The chanting only started when the group reaches Flinders Street Station, and mostly in Mandarin Chinese. If you want to send your messages to the Australian government and its people, you need to start using English. But looking at the age group, I reckon not many will have the confidence to express their message out loud in a foreign language.

At this point, everyone were happy, smiling, posing for photos with friends, with strangers and casually strolling through the streets of Melbourne, legally. The only time you would see such huge gathering of Chinese or Asian community on the streets in Melbourne is during the Lunar New Year celebration where the City of Melbourne closed off roads in part of the city for celebration carnival.

To be continued……………….

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