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  1. The Long March

    30 Jul 2016

    The march started on St Kilda Road “Let’s go!” the leader of the marshals shouted out and the march begins. Beside participants chatting among one another and having their photograph taken with the on duty police officers, the march started quietly. There was no chanting of slogan or whatsoever, it…

  2. Justice, Truth and Peace

    25 Jul 2016

    Seeking justice, telling the truth and appealing for peace Saturday Struggle It was a cold morning, about 9 deg and windy, I struggle to get out of my warm bed on a Saturday morning, what was I thinking? If I find it hard to wake up early to attend a…

  3. The Unusual Protest

    24 Jul 2016

    Appealing for peace in South China Sea Before I go further, I have mentioned in my previous blog post that I try to only discuss photography related issue in my blog, but rules are meant to be broken right? However, don’t expect great political views in this blog (and maybe…

  4. Black Lives Matter in Melbourne

    20 Jul 2016

    Black Lives Matter rally in Melbourne I haven’t hit the street with my camera for a while since I return from my Singapore trip, I just had too much photographs from the trip to process. But when I notice this event on Facebook, I knew I need to get out…

  5. Anything Goes

    02 Aug 2015

    Anything Goes Musical at Princess Theatre, Melbourne. No, this blog is not about the musical, but it happen that most of the actions during the Anti-Racism rally happens to occur outside Princess Theatre in Melbourne, where the Anything Goes Musical was performing. Someone on my Instagram feed find it irony…

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