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  1. Does shooting with film really slow you down?

    17 Jan 2017

    Beo Crescent, Singapore 2016 One of the most common phrases I heard from people using film is that it slows you down when photographing on the street. But is it true? In this digital era, technologies have changed the way we capture images with our camera. Gone were the days…

  2. The Waiting Game

    17 Oct 2016

    Etihad Stadium, Melbourne 2015 “How long do you wait at a particular spot for a shot?” One of the questions I got asked a lot. There is no direct answer to this issue, and it also depends on how hungry you are to get the shot. But there are a…

  3. Find Solutions

    05 Oct 2016

    Read Bridge II, Singapore 2016 How many time have you planned for a photo walk only to cancelled it due to inclement weather? One of those days that you just want to snuggle under the blanket and forget about everything. “It’s cloudy, and the light won’t be great” or “What’s…

  4. The Best Setting

    29 Sep 2016

    Chinatown, Singapore 2016 The best camera setting is the one that gets you the shot The above image was my featured photograph on Flickr’s Explore yesterday, resulting in thousand of views, hundred of favourites and one particular advice, sent through Flickr Mail to me from a member. The content was…

  5. I Always Walk Alone

    27 Sep 2016

    South Melbourne, 2016 No, this is not a blog post about my favourite football club, Liverpool FC, it’s just how I like my photo walks to be at times. Many had asked me about my preference, in a group or alone; I always answered the latter. I could spend the…

  6. You Are What You Learn

    27 Aug 2016

    Melbourne, Australia 2016 While not all great photographers have a photography degree, going to a photography school isn’t a bad choice. I chanced upon this article posted on PetaPixel’s Facebook page with the title, ”Why You Shouldn’t Study Photography and What You Should Do Instead”, written by a street photographer…

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