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  1. Day Dream

    09 Mar 2017

    Untitled, Dreamscape The sky isn’t blue, the shadow isn’t black, and no one was around. The dream didn’t come at night during my sleep; it just comes out of nowhere as I stared at the wall in my office cubicle. An idea came, I go through my archives, toggle a…

  2. The Numbers Game

    18 Feb 2017

    Instagram It has been three years since I started pushing my photography work out into the cyber world, from Facebook to Instagram, 500px to Pixoto, EyeEm to Tumblr, it has become a habit for me to upload images to these platform on a daily basis. Three years ago, I set…

  3. Be part of my journey

    25 Apr 2016

    I’m not sure how I felt when I clicked on the “confirm” button on a flight ticket website. It has been 3 years since I step foot on my birthplace, Singapore. Since graduating from school, photography has taken up most of my time. Every weekend was a trip to nowhere,…

  4. Finale

    23 Nov 2015

    The tenth prompt for the CCP Salon Instagram Project is Finale. And this is my response to it Finale It has been an exciting journey participating in the CCP Salon Instagram Project for the past ten weeks. Beside photographing the response for the prompts, I have been utilising the camera…

  5. Radiance

    02 Nov 2015

    The eighth prompt for the CCP Salon Instagram Project is Radiance. And this is my response to it Radiance Finally, two more prompts to go and I’m done with the project. Not that it’s something I really enjoy doing (photographing in response to a prompt), but I reckon it’s a…

  6. CCP Salon Instagram Project

    12 Sep 2015

    I’m humbled and excited to be invited by Centre for Contemporary Photography for their second annual Instagram project this year. Because this project is supported by Leica, the 10 selected photographers on Instagram will each received a loaned camera, Leica D-Lux from Leica Australia to use for this project.  Upon…

  7. Ballarat International Foto Biennale Day 1

    23 Aug 2015

    Remember to get a copy of the program booklet at Mining Exchange, gold coin donation. Two years ago when I first visited Ballarat for the biennale, it was a cold rainy day. Because it was my first trip, I didn’t actually know where to go for exhibition, I just followed…

  8. ProCamera 8

    13 Aug 2015

    “What camera do you use?” is a common question I got on Instagram and EyeEm even though all my images were hashtag with #ProCamera and #mobilephotography. Most couldn’t believe those images were capture with an iPhone, but seriously, does it really matter what camera I used to photograph? Anyway, many…

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