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  1. Roll Number 8

    07 Feb 2017

    Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 2016 Roll number 8 is the Kodak Ultramax 400 photographed over two days at Chinatown in Singapore. I managed to squeeze in some time to catch up with Isabelle and her mom as I wanted to go on a photo walk with her. I wanted to…

  2. Roll Number 7

    31 Jan 2017

    Chinatown, Singapore 2016 The Year of the Rooster has arrived, and I wish all my friends who are celebrating Lunar New Year, a blessed year ahead. It has also been one month for me without Facebook, during this period, I have shot seven rolls of film, not a bad start…

  3. Roll Number 6

    19 Jan 2017

    Jurong West, Singapore 2016 The next five rolls of film were photographed during my return trip to Singapore in December last year. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I brought along two film cameras, my Olympus OM10 and the loan camera, the Fuji STX-2. Roll number six was…

  4. Does shooting with film really slow you down?

    17 Jan 2017

    Beo Crescent, Singapore 2016 One of the most common phrases I heard from people using film is that it slows you down when photographing on the street. But is it true? In this digital era, technologies have changed the way we capture images with our camera. Gone were the days…

  5. Roll Number 5

    13 Jan 2017

    RMIT A’Beckett Urban Square, Melbourne, Victoria 2016 Roll number 5 was the Fuji Superia X-Tra 400, and until now it’s the only roll of films I managed to complete within a day or a few hours. A friend of mine, Michelle Robinson, was visiting Melbourne from Adelaide and we went…

  6. Roll Number 4

    10 Jan 2017

    Queens Victoria Market, Victoria 2016 Today I went to the lab to collect my negatives and scanned images. Since starting photographing with film, I have numbered them accordingly every time I finished a roll. So this blog post is about roll number 4, which is the Kodak Ultramax 400, expired…

  7. Facebook Finale

    19 Dec 2016

    Facebook announcement A few weeks ago, I made up my mind to deactivate my Facebook account for a year in 2017. I decided to make the announcement on my birthday. Since then, I had received several messages from friends asking for other ways of contact. But the number of requests…

  8. Myth Busted

    30 Nov 2016

    Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400 Fingers crossed and went to collect my negatives today. If you read my previous post, I had a few rolls of film that were scanned through the airport X-ray screening machine four times during my last trip to Queensland. I have informed the lab that if…

  9. X-Rayed Films

    28 Nov 2016

    After developing the first roll of film, I was keen to experiment with the other brand of films I bought, Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400 and Agfa Vista Plus 400. I loaded the Fujifilm on 12 Nov, and it took me a week to finish off the 24 exposures. I was…

  10. The Verdict

    12 Nov 2016

    Kodak Ultramax 400 exp 2009 Woke up early on a Saturday because I had a few errand to run and one of them is to collect my negatives, prints and scan files from a lab in Fairfield. But before that, drove to VanBar Imaging to buy a new battery for…

  11. A New Phase

    09 Nov 2016

    Olympus OM10 A new phase of my photography journey is underway! Nah, I’m not buying a Leica camera, I’m moving backward in technology, that is film photography. It’s a new challenge, having used film camera four years ago while studying photography at Melbourne Polytechnic. That was the time I start…

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