Street Photography Talk

On 5th May this year, I completed my 10th photography talk (7th with Melbourne Polytechnic) since graduating from school. Although I still get nervous talking in front of a group, I reckon it’s not as bad as the first time. What I also enjoy the most, was the preparation of slides presentation before the talk. All my 10 talks used a different set of slides, which means I prepared a new one for every talk I conduct. And everytime you prepare a new slide, you learn something new about your work. 

I still remember the first time I sat in the class listening to my first ever photography talk, I was thinking in my mind if one day, will I be standing there inspiring students, if yes, what would I share with them? I’m not good at speaking in front of a huge class, but I take it as a challenge. Putting your ideas into words isn’t easy, making it simple for others to understand require a lot of practise. 

This time round, I was speaking to students from both Fairfield and Prahran campus. All went well and we gather for a demo by myself after lunch. Inspired by Jesse Marlow’s book, Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Them, I realise showing them how I photograph in public is very important. The body language of a photographer reveal his/her confidence level on the street. 

This time round, I gave them a brief to photograph for assignment, “Up Close” and “Directions”, letting them interpret the prompt themselves. I return one week later to Fairfield campus for the review of their assignment, although some didn’t meet the brief, the overall result was good. Some really good works which fitted the brief, some didn’t fit into the brief well but were beautifully captured. As usual, every classes will have one or two that don’t really bother, they just photograph for the sake of completing the assignment, but that is fine, it’s part of the whole learning process. 

So while I prepare for my return trip to Singapore, I need to prepare for 2 talks during my stay in Singapore, one of them still pending. But the confirmed talk will be with the boys at Boys’ Town Singapore, not charging them as I promise myself I will do a charitable talk for this trip. As they are really young, it will be interesting for me while preparing my slides. I’m definitely looking forward to meeting them and sharing with them not just my photography experience, but my life journey.

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