RUANG - Documenting Space

About 2 weeks to go and preparation for our exhibition is almost complete. All exhibiting images have been printed and sent for framing at Dean’s Framing in Thornbury. All the printing were done by myself at home with my Epson 3880, good thing to have studied photography at Melbourne Polytechnic, you learnt about colour management, printing and presentation. It might not be the best but economically, it save a lot of money and time for a self-funded exhibition. 

This blog is a little bit about my work in this exhibition. As most of my friends knows that my work is mostly the street photography stuffs, urban landscape was never my focus in photography, at least not my primary focus. But when I started out photographing on the street, my practise was actually to look out for these backdrops and wait patiently for my subject(s) to enter the scene. Especially during my trips to Rockhampton in Central Queensland, where at times, waiting for a subject could means a long wait, or no one actually turns up. So instead of wasting time waiting while the sun set and lights gone, I took a few shots of the urban background and left. 

Another reason I have been photographing spaces is because of the fast developing environment, whether its in the city or suburbs, buildings get torn down and up comes a new one, walls get painted, trees removed and new tress planted, one moment it was there but the few days later, it’s gone. And I think as a photographer, it’s important to document these spaces. Not that it will be part of the history, that’s too far away for me to think about, but probably the next generation will have some ideas what it used to be. 

Colour, light, lines, shapes and scale are what I look for when photographing spaces. A few of my exhibiting images do include people in it as a scale, but most of them looks like a deserted town. When I look through my album for these images, I wonder if I’m actually living in a dead town or city. That, you could says is my experience so far on living in Australia. 

Since this is an ongoing project for me, Kevin and I are considering making it an annual exhibition for both of us. Provided we are not too busy with our other works and it will be good to see if our perspective changes as time past. And probably we want to bring this exhibition to our birthplace, Singapore, where more people could view it up close and personal. Something they won’t get to see on the Australia tourism website.

2 weeks later, we will be hanging the prints on the wall and the exhibition will be open to public from the 2nd Feb. We won’t be sitting in for this exhibition but if you want to catch up and have a drinks with us, come on down on the 4th Feb for the opening night, click here to RSVP. If you are interested in bringing your students to visit the exhibition, shoot me an email and I can arrange for an artist talk, the exhibition ends on the 14th of Feb.

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