RUANG - About the exhibition

Most of my friends would have know by now that I will be having a duo exhibition with a mate of mine in February 2016. The exhibition will be held at Box Hill Community Arts Centre (BHCAC) from 2nd to 14th February, with the opening night held on the 4th February from 6pm till 8pm. Preparation have been ongoing and both Kevin and I are really excited about it. So for the time leading up to the exhibition, I will be writing down some thoughts about this exhibition. We will not be showing any of our exhibiting images on social media before the exhibition closed, although some images might be “leaked” after the opening night but we want to encourage our friends to view the prints up close.

How it all began:

I was articulated into the 2nd year of BA Photography after completing my Diploma of PhotoImaging with Melbourne Polytechnic. Kevin was studying at RMIT BA Photography 3rd year when I first met him. Ironically, I went to the wrong class on my first day of university. After realising my mistake, I was told to just sit down and listen, that’s how we were introduce to one another. I reckon we were the only two Singaporeans in the entire BA Photography course. 

I didn’t meet him often but there is always “hi” and a small chat when we came across each other in school. I deferred my studies after one semester and he graduated by the end of that year (2014). Thanks to Facebook, we stay in touch online after realising he was in Sydney’s Head On exhibiting this year while I was there as a finalist. But we didn’t get to catch up as I was only there for 3 days. Late this year, we manage to catch up for coffee in the city, the chat was about life here, photography projects, RMIT, blah blah blah. Then he mentioned his application for an exhibiting space in Box Hill was approved and he is working on it. That’s when an idea of duo exhibition came up and I just mumbled something about holding the exhibition together. To my surprise, Kevin think its a great idea, and I knew I just hijacked his solo exhibition. 

I sent him a text message after we parted way, sharing with him my thoughts about the new proposal. Since the initial proposal for his exhibition was showcasing his “Solitude” project which consist of nature/urban landscape, it would have work well with my “Documenting Space” project which feature mainly urban landscape. Both projects illustrate spaces in Australia, nature and urban, but as two photographers who came from a cityscape country, the concept of space was fairly limited to us. It could work well or it could ruin the whole show, but we reckoned its worth taking that risk.

I didn’t do much convincing for Kevin to accept the new proposal, we both knew how hard it is to organise a solo exhibition as an emerging photographer everywhere, let alone two Asian photographers trying to establish themselves in Australia. A duo exhibition will combined our social network, logistic and share the cost of running it. For a first timer, we reckon the experience of organising it will be more important. As for me, the first step is always the most important factor. 

Next year mark my 4th year in Australia, and what a way to celebrate this milestone for myself. I hope you will be there on the opening night to share the joy with me, if not, drop by any day between 2nd and 14th February to visit the exhibition. By the way, all prints will be available for sale.

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