Roll Number 7

The Year of the Rooster has arrived, and I wish all my friends who are celebrating Lunar New Year, a blessed year ahead. It has also been one month for me without Facebook, during this period, I have shot seven rolls of film, not a bad start in the new year, but I’m hoping to photograph more than that in the next few months.

Roll number 7 was the second roll of film (Fuji Superia X-Tra 400) shot in Singapore last year using the Olympus OM10 camera. Apart from roaming around my brother’s place in Jurong West, I manage to catch up with a friend in Chinatown where I was able to take more images there. Although I love to explore the heartland and photograph the familiar places, it is still easier to pretend as a tourist in Chinatown, as it allows me to get closer to my subject.

I still remember my friend Jimmy took a photo of me loading the film into the camera, telling me he hasn’t seen someone loading film for a long time. As I finished the 17th roll of film, I’m getting more confident each time I load the film, trying to be as swift as possible. The last thing I want is to miss out on the scene in front of my eyes while I change the film in the camera. 

On my second trip photographing Singapore, I’m more interested in documenting people going about their daily life. Beside my film camera, I have been using my iPhone to snap photos of people in heartland area. These heartlands are places where tourists wouldn’t go visiting, scenes you don’t get to see on travel brochures and individuals that are closer to our heart. Maybe someday, I would spend a month in Singapore and try to work on some photography projects, after all, it is still a place close to my heart.

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