Roll Number 5

Roll number 5 was the Fuji Superia X-Tra 400, and until now it’s the only roll of films I managed to complete within a day or a few hours. A friend of mine, Michelle Robinson, was visiting Melbourne from Adelaide and we went for a photo walk in the city, that’s her in the image above. We walked from Federation Square to Lygon Street for a heavy lunch, then strolled back to the city wandering the streets for more photo opportunity. We end the walk with a drink on Russell Street before we parted our way. It was good catching up with friends, especially ex-Singaporean in Australia.

At this point, I’m still getting used to shooting with aperture priority. I’m not so worried when the weather is cloudy and the light is pretty much diffusing. My only concern now is bright sunny days casting midday shadow, to get the camera to expose on the highlight is a difficult task with the Olympus OM10. But I was quite satisfied with the result from this roll of film, and probably four to five photos were a keeper.

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(Images posted here were scanned JPEG copy without any adjustment, cropping, and manipulation)  

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