Roll Number 10

This is the last roll of film shot in Singapore as well as in 2016; it’s the Agfa Vista Plus 400 (24 exposures). I loaded and finished the roll in a day while spending time with my mom for lunch and some shopping. We went to Tanglin Halt for lunch but change the plan after realising the food stall that we intended to visit wasn’t operating for the day. I spent my secondary school days in this area, the food centre behind the school hasn’t changed much, visiting the place do bring back many good memories. 

We took a double-decker bus to Chinatown, and we were sitting in the front seat on the upper level. It has been many years since I took a bus, let alone sitting on the upper deck. The trip gave me a good view of the changes in the area, with a new hotel, new industrial buildings, and new roads, the development was difficult to keep up. With new buildings being build everywhere now and then, Singapore’s urban landscape is probably one of the fastest changing in South East Asia.

After our lunch at Chinatown Market & Food Centre, we went for a walk around the area. That’s when I find the opportunity to capture some images of the people in the area. At this point, I was quite confident with the camera and the medium. Photographing at familiar places makes it easier to pick up the momentum. Although the Agfa Vista Plus 400 seems to be a decent film, I have decided to stick to the Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400 for my projects in 2017.

During a shopping trip in Jurong Point, I came across a digital photo lab that was selling the Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400 (36 exposures) at SGD$7.50. I only bought two rolls due to a shortage of Singapore dollars with me, something I regretted after returning to Melbourne. Probably, the next time I return, it will be a films shopping trip.

As of the time I’m writing this blog, I have already photographed 25 rolls of film since the start of the year, excluding the ten rolls that I had shot last year. At this speed I’m going, I will probably shoot more than a hundred rolls this year, time to make more extra cash for films!

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