A nursing home is a small private institution providing residential accommodation with health care, especially for seniors. With my siblings and myself mostly living and working overseas, and another having to take care of four kids, the only choice was to let my dad reside in the nursing home. His medical condition needs constant attention and the wound on his foot need to change the dressing regularly; it’s not the best decision we want to make.

On the second day after I touch down Singapore, I headed to a nursing home for the first time. It feels exactly like a hospital, the bed type, layout, the nursing staffs, the design of everything, the only different is that there is no patient there, everyone is a resident. So it’s like living in a hospital permanently, no date to discharge, probably until the day you pass on.

I have to abolish my plan to photograph my dad with the black and white film when I found out that photography wasn’t allowed on the premises. So out came my trusty iPhone camera working in silent mode to document a little of my dad’s living environment. When the nurses came to attend to my father for medication, that’s when I capture the image shown above. At that very moment, the scene caught my emotion, a lonely senior pushing himself on the wheelchair towards the window and looking out at the world out there. Like a bird trapped in a cage, I reckon he wishes he could step out there for a walk.

I’m not too sure if I would go through this stage of life, living every day, waiting for visitors and only waiting to die. So this image above possibly represent my thoughts for this Singapore trip. What you do now is going to define how you live your life in the future, every step count.

Merry Christmas everyone! Stay healthy and happy!

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