Print It

It’s always a good practise to move your images from your screen to sheets. Holding the physical print give me a real satisfaction in my photography practise. Printing as a medium is one of the most meaningful ways that you can enjoy photography. Mind you, I’m not talking about K-Mart or Harvey Norman printing, but fine art printing on quality paper.  

Here are some reasons why you should print your images sitting in your hard disk:

Extracted from Digital Photography School

1. Prints can separate you as “great” photographer, apart from the “ok” photographers. It’s easy to make an image look nice at a low-resolution on the web, but to make an image look great in print involves a whole other skill set. 

2. Printing your images increases your perceived value as a photographer. Everyone has digital files sitting on hard drives or memory cards. To offer a beautifully finished printed piece shows that you care about your photography and that you put effort into the presentation of your imagery for your clients. 

3. Making prints for your clients shows that you care about their customer experience and in delivering their images in their finished form, It also shows that you are a full-service photographer, when many these days are not. 

4. As a photographer, if you are trying to make a living with your camera, offering printed products gives you the opportunity to make additional income as opposed to just making your money from your session fees.

5. When you make a print for a client, it means that you control the output quality and the finished product and you don’t leave it up to them to produce their own prints from a consumer-grade lab. Quality control is important for a professional!

6. Ultimately, when you offer prints and other professionally produced physical products, you are supporting the industry (i.e. the labs, the album makers, etc.) who are constantly supporting photographers by providing educational opportunities, sponsorships, trade shows and so on.

Printing your images also offer valuable lesson, what looks great on the screen might be mistakes on print. The bigger the print is, the more mistakes you will discover. Been there, done that! That is the reason why I purchased an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 inkjet printer last year instead of another camera gear. I wanted to complete the whole process of capturing an image, post process and printing it, all by myself. Using the knowledge I learnt from my two years studies at Melbourne Polytechnic (formerly NMIT), I manage to print several of my mobile images and learning more about printing during the process.

So if you want to learn printing, go to a school! It will save you a lot of money. Many said that photography is an expensive hobby, wait till you start printing your images! You can have the best gear to let you create the sharpest and most colourful images on screen, but that is just your screen, it might looks different on others. So if you seriously want to improve your photography, invest on printing, not another gear.

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