1. The Unusual Protest

    24 Jul 2016
    Appealing for peace in South China Sea Before I go further, I have mentioned in my previous blog post that I try to only discuss photography related issue in my blog, but rules are meant to be broken right? However, don’t expect great political views in this blog (and maybe…

  2. Black Lives Matter in Melbourne

    20 Jul 2016
    Black Lives Matter rally in Melbourne I haven’t hit the street with my camera for a while since I return from my Singapore trip, I just had too much photographs from the trip to process. But when I notice this event on Facebook, I knew I need to get out…

  3. Photographing Singapore

    23 Jun 2016
    Chinatown, Singapore Beside visiting my dad in hospital, spending time with family and catching up with friends, the most exciting part of my trip has to be photography. Since I graduated from Melbourne Polytechnic and started practising street photography, I haven’t actually photographs outside of Australia. Going back to my…

  4. An Accidental Series

    19 May 2016
    While browsing through the MOO website after receiving an email from Head On Photo Festival that all finalists will received a credit from the printing company, I decided I probably need to change my current “boring” business cards from Vista. The option of having 50 different images on the back…

  5. Street Photography Talk

    17 May 2016
    Photo by Maurizio Salvati On 5th May this year, I completed my 10th photography talk (7th with Melbourne Polytechnic) since graduating from school. Although I still get nervous talking in front of a group, I reckon it’s not as bad as the first time. What I also enjoy the most,…

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