1. Less Is More

    12 Sep 2016
    Melbourne, Australia 2015 The lesser you carry, the further you walk When I first started street photography, all I need was my iPhone and Power Bank to charge up my phone. There was no additional lens, a second camera body or a tripod, and travelling light was essential. The lesser…

  2. You Are What You Learn

    27 Aug 2016
    Melbourne, Australia 2016 While not all great photographers have a photography degree, going to a photography school isn’t a bad choice. I chanced upon this article posted on PetaPixel’s Facebook page with the title, ”Why You Shouldn’t Study Photography and What You Should Do Instead”, written by a street photographer…

  3. A Little Unknown

    25 Aug 2016
    There is something about myself that most of my friends don’t know. I had a particular skill set that wasn’t useful at this point of my life, something I picked up when I was much younger. It was during the trip back to Singapore when I visited Rochor Centre, that…

  4. The Long March

    30 Jul 2016
    The march started on St Kilda Road “Let’s go!” the leader of the marshals shouted out and the march begins. Beside participants chatting among one another and having their photograph taken with the on duty police officers, the march started quietly. There was no chanting of slogan or whatsoever, it…

  5. Justice, Truth and Peace

    25 Jul 2016
    Seeking justice, telling the truth and appealing for peace Saturday Struggle It was a cold morning, about 9 deg and windy, I struggle to get out of my warm bed on a Saturday morning, what was I thinking? If I find it hard to wake up early to attend a…

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