1. Jesse Marlow

    10 Aug 2015
    When it comes to photographers that inspired myself, there is always a few names that pop up. The usual Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams, James Nachtwey, Alex Webb, Martin Parr and many more. But there is one photographer that influence me the most in terms of street photography, he is none…

  2. Why the Sony a7S?

    05 Aug 2015
    My first camera was a Canon, so was my second. Then my iPhone became my primary practise in photography. So why do I need another camera? I’m the least to be known as a gearhead, I always believe the camera is just a tool for you to create the imagery…

  3. Unboxing The Little Beast

    04 Aug 2015
    Sony ILCE-7S Yes, I bought a Sony. Not as a replacement, but I will talk about the reason why in my next blog post. I ordered online through Sony Online Store and it was delivered on 24th July. On 23rd July, I received an email from Sony Store that my…

  4. Anything Goes

    02 Aug 2015
    Anything Goes Musical at Princess Theatre, Melbourne. No, this blog is not about the musical, but it happen that most of the actions during the Anti-Racism rally happens to occur outside Princess Theatre in Melbourne, where the Anything Goes Musical was performing. Someone on my Instagram feed find it irony…

  5. What should I blog about?

    22 Jul 2015
    I’m not good at writing, that’s why I prefer to take pictures. But since I upgraded to the Professional version on, it includes 1000 pages and blog feature, so I thought might as well make good use of it and document some useful stuff from my photography journey.  If…

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