1. Anterior

    25 Aug 2015
    One of the main reasons for me to visit Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2015 was because of this show, ‘Anterior’. It showcases the work from past and present students from Melbourne Polytechnic Photoimaging (formerly NMIT), where I graduated in 2013.  The first ’Anterior’ exhibition was held last year August, as…

  2. Ballarat International Foto Biennale Day 2

    24 Aug 2015
    Day 2 of the drive to Ballarat was usual, clear day and reach my destination safely. Initially I had only one destination, that is the Anterior Exhibition, showcasing work from past and present students from Melbourne Polytechnic at University of Ballarat. But I ended up going to a few more…

  3. Ballarat International Foto Biennale Day 1

    23 Aug 2015
    Remember to get a copy of the program booklet at Mining Exchange, gold coin donation. Two years ago when I first visited Ballarat for the biennale, it was a cold rainy day. Because it was my first trip, I didn’t actually know where to go for exhibition, I just followed…

  4. Print It

    19 Aug 2015
    It’s always a good practise to move your images from your screen to sheets. Holding the physical print give me a real satisfaction in my photography practise. Printing as a medium is one of the most meaningful ways that you can enjoy photography. Mind you, I’m not talking about K-Mart…

  5. ProCamera 8

    13 Aug 2015
    “What camera do you use?” is a common question I got on Instagram and EyeEm even though all my images were hashtag with #ProCamera and #mobilephotography. Most couldn’t believe those images were capture with an iPhone, but seriously, does it really matter what camera I used to photograph? Anyway, many…

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