Myth Busted

Fingers crossed and went to collect my negatives today. If you read my previous post, I had a few rolls of film that were scanned through the airport X-ray screening machine four times during my last trip to Queensland. I have informed the lab that if it turns out damaged, don’t bother scanning it. However, when I collected it, everything was perfect! 

Apparently, the negatives show no sign of damage from the X-ray screening machine. Do take note that those films went through the X-ray screening FOUR times! I didn’t even bother to wrap them up with foil or use any protective casing, just a standard plastic container to carry them. Maybe one day, I will try putting them in my check-in luggage to see if there will be any effect.

This time round, I tried the Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400 and the Agfa Vista Plus 400. Somehow, I prefer the Fujifilm more than the Agfa. The latter isn’t that bad actually, but it is more saturated as compared to the Fujifilm. However, the Fujifilm seems to be warmer than the Agfa. Both images you saw above were straight from the scan without any post processing. I’m still trying to get used to shooting with the film camera, especially with the aperture priority. There is a particular kind of imagery I can’t achieve using the aperture priority setting. But I guess it isn’t a big issue, and I can overcome it somehow.

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