A few weeks ago, I decided to replace all my social media’s profile picture with a simple text, or logo if that is what you want to call it. The reason is that I want a standard identity across all my social media platforms. I’m not someone who is good at the looks department, and I rarely appear in front of a camera. Since I’m not a celebrity and just a photographer, I see no point for people to know how I look. Probably I just want people to concentrate on the photographs I took, rather pictures of myself.

TL” is the initial letter of my name, Thomas Lim. I got the idea of using “TL” from my Apple watch, as pictured above. Regarding the design, I thought a simple initial to represent myself is good enough. Red and black colour has always been my favourite combination, bold text with bold colour shows my aggressiveness in my work and my personality, I’m quite a vocal person.

After all, I’m not a graphic designer, so I’m quite pleased with what I have created. Nothing official about it, not a business logo, just a personal representation. All these are in preparation for my Facebook deactivation next year; people will just forget my appearance, and hopefully, just remember my work. That’s all I need.

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