Since shooting with film, I have been looking to purchase a lightbox, so I could check my film negatives as I will not be scanning most of it. I thought of building one, but I just don’t think I have the time to do it. Online searches usually result in expensive one or not the kind of lightbox I’m searching. I brought this up with Bill during our coffee session at his place, and he found the cheapest option on Kmart’s website.

The above lightbox is for home decoration purpose, priced at $15, it operates with 6 AA batteries or using the micro USB port. It is not too big in size and the dividers in between the panel fit nicely for a film negative. However, when I was looking for it in Kmart today, I found another lightbox that is bigger than this one.

It operates with the same number of batteries as the previous one and has no divider on the panel. Although the light’s power from this lightbox is not strong, it is good enough for me to check the contents on the film negatives. For $19, I reckon it does the work I require. For the weight, it is light and portable as I can use it anywhere in the house. It also comes with ten designed slides which I probably use it to decorate my wall.

So if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to expensive lightbox and not fuzzy with the lighting tone, head over to Kmart to grab one of these. 

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