I Always Walk Alone

No, this is not a blog post about my favourite football club, Liverpool FC, it’s just how I like my photo walks to be at times. Many had asked me about my preference, in a group or alone; I always answered the latter. I could spend the whole day alone, roaming the streets with no destination in mind. No one to wait for, no one to catch up, no one to talk. I decide which direction to go, and when to leave or hold on, and when to finish the walk. I simply love the freedom to roam and explore.

I do join photo walks in group occasionally with the Melbourne Instagram community, but it wasn’t really for photography sake, it’s more for socialising and catching up with friends. I usually come back with nothing or just a few ordinary work, and I figure out socialising, and photography can’t mix, at least in my case. Street photography to me is like a therapy session, once I hit the street, with camera in my hand, I forget about all the problems, I’m just there concentrating on all the activities in front of me, the light, the people and space. 

During my trip back to Singapore, I spent most of my free time alone roaming the streets, covering 145km on foot in 14 days, that’s an average of 10km per day. Due to the short duration, I had to plan my photo walks in between catching up with family and friends, so it wasn’t ideal in some cases.

Usually, in Melbourne, I had the whole day free from any activity except photography, I prefer not to have time or place restriction during my photo walks. I don’t decide on a destination and let my instinct lead the way. Unlike lions which hunt in a pack, I’m more like a tiger in a dense urban jungle which hunts alone, lie in wait for an ambush or creep up within pouncing distance without being seen. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a photo walk with me, and I had done so many times when photographers wrote to me on Instagram or through email asking to join me for a photo walk. I still love to chat face-to-face with others about photography. So don’t let this blog post stop you from reaching out to me. 

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