Goodbye Singapore 2016

Time flies, ten days trip in Singapore is coming to an end. It’s been an emotional trip for me this time round. No huge gathering, no food hunting and no intensive photo walk. I spent the majority of my days at the west end of Singapore, visiting my dad in the nursing home and spending time with my family. Of course, I had some rare photo opportunity as and when I had the chance, and I manage to shot five rolls of film this time, not forgetting my iPhone 6S. But the priority of this trip was my dad.

Firstly, I would like to apologise to friends in Singapore for keeping this a low profile trip and not trying to catch up during the festive season. I hope you understand that this is not a “How’s life in Australia?” trip. And I’m not ready to keep repeating my dad’s condition to everyone I meet, trust me; it is emotionally tired saying the same words over and over again. I’m in a situation when this could be the last time I see him alive, and any advice not from my perspective is not helpful. 

Secondly, this trip was decided five days before I embarked, so I don’t have a lot of plan in mind. A few friends did manage to meet up with a very short notice, and I sincerely thanks them for taking the initiative. These friends knew my situation from the last trip in June this year, had consistently been staying in touch all these while and knew how to reach me outside of Facebook.

Lastly, staying in Jurong West is not as convenient as Chinatown, but since the nursing home is at Jurong West, it makes more sense to keep everything in the west this time round. Although I did make a few trip into town, it was just briefly, and I had to travel back in time to make a second visit to my dad before the last visiting hour ended. 

Before the closure of my Facebook account, thank you to those who have spent quality time with me during this difficult period. As for the rest, I hope you respect my decision not to disclose further information about my dad, just pray for him and let my heart weep in silent.

Goodbye Singapore

Goodbye 2016

Goodbye Dad

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