The tenth prompt for the CCP Salon Instagram Project is Finale. And this is my response to it.

It has been an exciting journey participating in the CCP Salon Instagram Project for the past ten weeks. Beside photographing the response for the prompts, I have been utilising the camera (Leica D-Lux) fully during my weekend photowalks. The compact size and silent mode shooting feature makes it a good companion for street and travel photography, although I would say the camera grip could have been designed better. The battery life lasted longer than the battery from my Sony A7s, which really impressed me. But I’m not too sure if I would pay AUD$1400+ for it, given that the Sony A6000 cost half of it with a doubled megapixel size sensor and interchangeable lens. The little red badge looks nice but ultimately, it doesn’t makes your photographs any better. Anyway, the courier pickup the camera from me today, so I’m back to the Sony and my iPhone. 

Someone asked me if I go out every week to photograph for the prompts and I replied “no”. The 10 participants already have the ten prompts emailed to us before the camera even arrived. So I copied it onto my Notes in my phone to remind myself should I see something that could fit in. This last image “Finale” was photographed on the 3rd week during a photowalk in Southbank, Melbourne. I saw the fire flame performance along Southbank outside Crown Casino from far and thought it could be a good finale shot, like some firework or confetti during some event’s finale. I walked around the structure where the flame was coming out and the only better angle was actually behind those tree branches. Without knowing how long the fire performance will last, I took 2 shots and that’s it! The performance ended and I was disappointed I didn’t get to photograph more. But after checking the image on the camera, I was relieved, it’s a good take. So off I go for the next one! 

So this is how I survive responding to the prompts, shoot early and shoot more to see if anything fits in. The 10 photographs might not work well as a series, but I’m happy with my submission and the little journey with the Leica D-Lux. Can’t wait to see it printed and hanging on the wall at CCP this coming Thursday, 26th November for the opening. Centre for Contemporary Photography is situated at 404 George Street, Fitzroy. The CCP Salon exhibition will be open to public from Friday 27 November—Saturday 19 December 2015.

If you are dropping by during the opening night, come over and say hi. 

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