Facebook Finale

A few weeks ago, I made up my mind to deactivate my Facebook account for a year in 2017. I decided to make the announcement on my birthday. Since then, I had received several messages from friends asking for other ways of contact. But the number of requests are way below the number of friends I had in real life, and I guess that’s life, everyone will move on someday.

Since I’m not too sure anyone would even bother reading my blog, I would make another announcement here. I will be in Singapore from 21 December to 30 December 2016 for a very short trip. The purpose of this trip is to visit my dad, who is currently residing in a nursing home. He had suffered a severe stroke attack, as well as heart attack, in May this year. As much as I hope he will recover and get back to normal, things aren’t getting better. 

He has been suffering from severe infection since living in the nursing home, and I would say he spent more time in the hospital recovering from the infection than resting in the nursing home. Last week, we decided to stop the treatment of the infection as it has been causing a lot of pain for him. From now on, the doctor at the nursing home will try to make him as comfortable as possible. So the next infection and fever might be his last. 

We have been preparing for the worst, funeral arrangement, venue, undertaker, have all been discuss among the siblings. And I’m ready to return to Singapore for the funeral anytime from now. But a few days ago, I changed my mind and decided to fly back to visit him while he is still alive. I rather visit him while he still can see me than to go back for a dead body. Funeral, after all, are for those alive.

I intend to photograph him while he is at the nursing home, so I purchased three rolls of Ilford HP5 black and white films from Vanbar Imaging and will be using it on the Olympus OM10. I have borrowed another film camera from Bill, a Fuji STX-2, which I will be loading my colour film into it for other photography stuff. So for this trip, the Sony A7s is staying put.

As I will be staying with my brother in Jurong West, which is also nearer to the nursing home, I won’t be moving around like my previous trip. The priority of this trip is to spend time with my dad, and photography will be secondary. It’s a mixed feeling for this journey, nothing to look forward to, nothing to be happy about, just hope he will be able to wait till I return. 

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