Enjoy The Silence

I had always wanted to print my mobile phone images into a photo book, but financially not able to meet the requirement to do so. It was until OOTP (Out Of The Phone), a photo book creation and publishing platform devoted to mobile photography, started a crowdfunding campaign to build a web-based platform for book printing. I supported the campaign by ordering a travel notebook made entirely with my images, four days ago, I received my parcel from France, where OOTP is based. 

During the selection process, I have to pick 45 images out of my thousands of photos, a task that took me several weeks. Since there is no particular theme or series for this book, I decided to make a more diversify selection from my three years of work (2014 - 2016). The book title is one that has been with me since 2015, a popular song made famous by Depeche Mode, which has accompanied me on many photo walk. As of now, I’m not sure if the book will be put on sales as it is quite costly at the moment, let’s wait till OOTP’s new book making platform to see how things go.

This week, I had also rearranged some of the photos on my website into new categories. Beyond the Garden and Evidence was created among my projects/series to grouped some of my work together. There will also be some changes to the About page and regrouping of photographs, a task I hope to complete this week.

Summer is coming to an end, and Autumn is around the corner, Victoria survived another season without extreme hot weather of 40-degree day this year. The next major event in Melbourne would be the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix from 23rd - 26th March. Fans, enthusiasts, and tourists from around the world will flood the streets, turning Melbourne into a buzzy city. Reckon I need to hunt and stock up my films, fast and furious. 

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