Day Dream

The sky isn’t blue, the shadow isn’t black, and no one was around. The dream didn’t come at night during my sleep; it just comes out of nowhere as I stared at the wall in my office cubicle. An idea came, I go through my archives, toggle a few sliders and Dreamscape came alive. 

For those who have been following my second Instagram account, @thomaslim24, you would have noticed a change of style in the feed. I’m not a photographer that likes to stick with a particular style of work; I love to try new things, thus the reason for a second Instagram account. 

Furthermore, I’m not someone who would stay in front of the screen editing pictures for a long time, so my image processing style has been stagnant for a while. I’m not going into a major shift in style for my street photography work; I still prefer what I’m doing now. In fact, I’m ditching filters and presets when processing images from my archives this year. But in my heart, I wanted something different, something that is not so “Thomas Lim”, something you can’t see with your naked eyes, something that is there but not quite there.

“Sky is blue, why changed the colour?” was the comment from one of the judges at APPA 2013 (Australian Professional Photographers Award) when I participated as a student in the landscape category. It was an image of trees taken at Central Victoria during my studies, and I desaturated the blue sky to present a more surreal imagery. “Why not?” was what my mind responded when I heard the comment, and that was the last time I participated in that competition. 

During my childhood, I always daydream that I’m the only one in this world, no one else was around. In these dreams, I would remove the sand from the playground and replace it with water, moved into one of the big empty houses and live there, do many things and don’t have to worry what others think. That is probably the other side of me most people don’t know. As much as I love to have friends around, I also long for those quiet time alone. I talk a lot sometimes, especially when catching up with friends, but there are times when I don’t feel like saying a single word, not even to my family. 

This series gave me the visual fulfilment of a childhood dream, something that is not possible in reality, something to let me stared at and continued daydreaming. I’m finding the balance between density and deserted, companionship and solitude through photography. Street photography and urban landscape probably let me balance things out, I’ll just enjoy it for the time being.

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