CCP Salon Instagram Project

I’m humbled and excited to be invited by Centre for Contemporary Photography for their second annual Instagram project this year. Because this project is supported by Leica, the 10 selected photographers on Instagram will each received a loaned camera, Leica D-Lux from Leica Australia to use for this project. 

Over the next 10 weeks, the 10 Instagram artists will be uploading responses to a set of prompts, one per week by every Friday. These images will then be printed and exhibit from Friday 27 November 2015 - Saturday 19 December 2015 during the CCP Salon 2015. The Instagram project winner will be announced on the opening night Thursday 26 November and will receive a Leica D-Lux camera. The prints will also be for sales during the exhibition.

How did they found me? Seriously I have no clue. Probably through hashtags on Instagram, it’s not difficult to find a #melbournephotographer on Instagram though. We have plenty of talented artists and photographers here. While I’m really excited about this project, I’m not too sure if I’m up for it. You see, I’m a lazy photographer and for my personal work, I don’t usually photograph to a theme, brief or prompt, I love the freedom of photographing what I love. So with this project, I will have to change my approach a little. It’s another difficult challenge for me but I’m going to try my very best.

I received the camera on Wednesday and I haven’t got the time to play with it until Friday, which is the due date for the first prompt, Origins. Initially, I thought of photographing a running track, the starting point of the track should fit the prompt well but I couldn’t find one near my place in a short time. I ended up doing my first photowalk with the camera at Collingwood. Since I have plan to photograph more than the 10 images for the prompts, why not submit the first image captured from the camera as my response? Easy? Nah, not really. I have to slow down and think before I click that shutter, if that scene is what I want as my first response. The light was good but nothing much happen around, so I walked along the shops at Johnston Street, trying to find something interesting. I heard a bark and turn around, a dog barking at me behind a window inside a shop. I look up above the dog and notice it’s a coffin! With some displays and cards on it with the word “Last Rites”. I held up my camera, focused and wait. I was waiting for it to bark again but it didn’t, it just stared at me from the side. SNAP! I got my first shot!

I’m not too sure how it is going to fit into the prompt but I tried. And I reckon the most important part about this project is to enjoy the process, showing your work and not worrying about winning it or not. Photograph what you love and love what you photographed, that will never change for me. And this morning when I woke up, VSCO gave me a surprise.

So, if you are interested to join in the fun, you can follow @ccp_australia and @leica_australia and hashtag your own response to the prompts with #diyccpsalon. Remember to check out the work from the other 9 amazing artists below:










Of course don’t forget to check out mine too @thomaslimphotography

I will be uploading all my responses in my blog for the next 10 weeks so remember to check it out.

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