Be part of my journey

I’m not sure how I felt when I clicked on the “confirm” button on a flight ticket website. It has been 3 years since I step foot on my birthplace, Singapore. Since graduating from school, photography has taken up most of my time. Every weekend was a trip to nowhere, walking an average of 8km, sometime more, searching for the next photo opportunity. I’m usually alone, I prefer to have the freedom to roam, to change the route I walked any moment, to stop longer at a certain place or to wait for something to happen, it has been a lonely journey. For many friends, they wouldn’t understand the whole process. They only saw the final images, the one I chose to publish on my social media. They clicked “like” and move on, until the next one was published. Of course, I don’t expect everyone to understand, all I can say is, it’s a lot of hard work than just walking and snapping with a camera. 

As an emerging photographer, I appreciated all the encouragement and supports from family and friends, be it in Australia or Singapore, offline or online. It’s one of the reasons that kept me going, till this day. So for my return trip in June this year, I’m going to offer my friends in Singapore a prints’ promotion. For SGD$80, you can own one of my images in A4 size print (with white border), as I will be bringing back the print personally, you save on the postage fee (approximately AUD$20). You only pay when you received the print by hand in Singapore, in cash only. Furthermore, if you ordered 4 prints, you will receive a fifth print of your choice for free! All prints will be printed with archival paper by myself with a professional Epson printer, signed and numbered (usually an edition of 25 but some images are unlimited).

So which of my images are for sale? Well, all my images on both my Instagram accounts are (yes, I have two Instagram feed). You can view them at @thomaslimphotography and @thomaslim24. If you don’t have time to browse through 2000+ images, you can visit my galleries on my revamped website which I have just uploaded most of my popular works. Simply screen-grab the image(s) you want to purchase, private message me on Facebook, Whatsapp or by email. This promotion will end on Sunday 22nd May 2016. Collection of the prints will be from 2nd June till 12th June in Singapore, we will catch up for a coffee somewhere as well. Prints not collected after the 12th of June will be sold to other interested parties. All prints come without frame (A4 photo frame available everywhere). I guarantee you, I will not sell any of my work at this low price after this trip.

You can hang the print at home/office or give it as a gift, whichever the case, be part of my photography journey. I can’t guarantee you I will be famous, but I will keep going, until the day I can’t see. Thank you for your support!



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