One of the main reasons for me to visit Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2015 was because of this show, ‘Anterior’. It showcases the work from past and present students from Melbourne Polytechnic Photoimaging (formerly NMIT), where I graduated in 2013. 

The first ’Anterior’ exhibition was held last year August, as part of the Stonnington City Council’s ‘Glow Winter Arts Festival’.

“At the birth of an institute like Melbourne Polytechnic, there is reason to celebrate the legacy it is built on, therefore the exhibition is about celebrating those who have gone before and who now inspire our Melbourne Polytechnic Photoimaging students.” - Joel Rainford, Melbourne Polytechnic Photoimaging Teacher. The exhibition prints were kept by Melbourne Polytechnic as part of a collection and were hung throughout the Prahran campus walls.

Melbourne Polytechnic Photoimaging training has evolved from over 20 years of success in training and preparing students for the photography industry, this current ‘Anterior’ exhibition at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale is to showcase past and present students’ work, which offer insight into creativity that shapes image making today and in the future. 

Since I missed the show on my first day to Ballarat, I made another trip the next day (Sunday) just to see this show. How often do you get a free exhibition at the BIFB? And if I can made the trip to Sydney for Head On, why can’t I drive 90 minutes to the regional Victoria? 

I had a hard time looking for the venue, at some point I lost my way in the Federation University of Australia or University of Ballarat, whichever name you want to call it. 

The whole place looks like a castle and the inside looks like a maze. If you are facing the main building after the entrance, the gate to Building E or The Hub, is actually on the right side. On Sunday, only a small part of the gate was open, I’m not sure if anyone is strong enough to open up the whole gate during weekdays but I have no problem squeezing through the smaller gate. 

Anyway, I entered the building through the back, I was wandering around looking for the building and stumble upon it after seeing some prints on the wall. Just glad that my street photography instinct kicks in.

It’s not a big space but good enough and well-lit. The show was curated, printed and put up by Maurizio Salvati with the help of Nick Thorley and Silvi Glattauer, one day before the festival opens. But I think we should have some brochures regarding the school and Photoimaging course around the space so people could actually pick up some information if they are interested. 

So here are the exhibiting photographers from Melbourne Polytechnic Photoimaging:

Angie Connell

Arrayah Loynd

Carlo Oggioni

Craig George

Eduardo Saraiva

Helen Jolly

Keren Dobia

Lucia Ondrusova

Luis Ferreiro

Manickam Bala

Morganna Magee

Richard Piscioneri

Sarah Lynch

Theresa Harrison

Thomas Lim

Not sure if I got the links of the photographer correct but I tried my best. So if you want to find out more about the exhibiting photographers, click on their name for their website. Couldn’t find Helen Jolly’s and Sarah Lynch’s webpage to share. Will update if I find it later.

And here are the photos of the exhibition.

So I hope you enjoy, celebrate and support our exhibition!

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