An Accidental Series

While browsing through the MOO website after receiving an email from Head On Photo Festival that all finalists will received a credit from the printing company, I decided I probably need to change my current “boring” business cards from Vista. The option of having 50 different images on the back of the card means I can include my works in it with no extra cost. How awesome can that be! And I probably need some for my return trip to Singapore, giving out to friends and maybe strangers I photograph on the street, if they ask what the hell am I photographing.

I start browsing through my images and pick 50 of my most popular and likeable images into the creation page. Based on the popularity on social media, featured articles and finalist images, I scanned through my archive, folders after folders, uploading them onto the creation page. In the process, I got tired of seeing all those usual images, images that were featured many times online and my workshops presentation. “I need something different” so I thought. Images that didn’t have that “Wow” factor, images that didn’t have the same exposure than those favourites, images that are not my usual style. 

So I start the whole process of scanning through my archive again, selecting, unselecting, upload, delete, upload again, it took me 3 days to finally come up with these 50 images. During the selection, I started to look at my images in a different perspective, discovering a different part of my work. Unintentionally, I was photographing quirky and weird moments on the streets during my photowalks, but because it wasn’t my usual style of work, these images lose it’s identity when posted on my social media as an individual piece. Somehow, I reckon I might be able to revive them in a collective series. 

At the moment, I only include 50 of these images into the series because I will be printing them on my new business card, I will slowly introduce the rest into the series at a later time, when I have more time to sit down and browse through my archive. The first 50 business cards with these images will be given out in Singapore, with the possibility of another 50 in Australia. It’s going to be printed on 400gsm card so hopefully its going to last for a long time. 

You can check out these images in the newly setup gallery.

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