A Week Without Facebook

It has been a week since I deactivated my Facebook account, so how did it go? Well, it’s still too early to tell, but I reckon it should go well. I have also deleted the Facebook app on my phone so I wouldn’t click on it accidentally. I have been reading books, watching photography related documentaries on YouTube, catch up with a friend visiting from Brisbane and working on my project.

The only bad thing that happens after returning from Singapore was about my car. The heavy thunderstorm occurred during my stay in Singapore caused water to leak into my car from the sunroof. So I spent a day at the mechanic removing the carpet to dry it. 

With seven rolls of undeveloped films storing in my fridge, I manage to drop by the lab today to send in two rolls for processing. These two rolls were shot in December before I travel to Singapore. I can’t remember what was in the film, but they were all photographed in Melbourne. The good thing about using film is that I have no idea of the content after a while later, I guess it makes it more exciting to discover what you capture after receiving the negatives.

I have since shot a roll of film after returning to Melbourne, and I had also photographed many images with my iPhone when I visited Federation Square’s Summer Water Slide in the past few days. The temperature was very high today (36 degrees) that my iPhone 6S refused to work after a while. I have to keep it in my pocket to cool it off before photographing again.

But I did manage to capture a few good shots of people enjoying the water slide at Federation Square, the colour, the hype, the subjects were all great. I will be sharing those images on my Instagram the next few days. 

Lastly, I have been thinking of what to blog about shortly, probably my thoughts on film photography, or maybe photography as a whole. I have read some articles and watched some videos, and there are something I would like to share with you. Since I’m not too sure if anyone is reading my blog, I will just open up myself and says everything that’s in my mind. So stay tuned.

PS: As usual, if you feel like sharing this blog, go ahead.

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