A New Phase

A new phase of my photography journey is underway! Nah, I’m not buying a Leica camera, I’m moving backward in technology, that is film photography. It’s a new challenge, having used film camera four years ago while studying photography at Melbourne Polytechnic. That was the time I start to understand the exposure triangle in photography.

Last week, I saw a posting by my teacher, Bill Poon, selling his Olympus OM10 on Facebook. I briefly viewed through it, and a sudden thought went through my mind about a new challenge, and this could be my 2017 challenge. While the pros and cons started filling my mind for a few days, Facebook somehow reminded me of Bill’s posting again. So I messaged Bill, and the rest is history.

Considering all the factors in film photography, it fit well into what I plan to do in 2017. Staying away from social media, stop posting my work, concentrate on a project, changing the way I shoot, getting out of my comfort zone and pushing my photography up another level. I didn’t make a quick decision; film photography was on my mind for a long time and probably it’s the time now.

On Tuesday 8th November, I headed out with only a roll of Kodak Ultramax 400 expired film in my Olympus OM10. Since I have shooting with a 35mm focal length prime lens for a year, it was difficult at the beginning with the 50mm lens on the OM10. I still love to get close to my subject so I probably would hope to purchase a 35mm lens for the OM10 in the future. 

How did those shots turn out? Well, I have no clue as I only drop them off at the neighborhood lab the next day. I’m not in a hurry to know the result, and I love the mystery part while waiting for the processing of the negative. As I won’t be sharing them on my social media platforms, it doesn’t matter how long it takes. I’m cool at the moment. But I might share a sneak peek on my blog in the future, so stay tuned.

I’m not sharing this new journey on my social media, but I will blog the progress of this new adventure. I do apologise that you can’t subscribe to the blog, but do check back once a while to see if I update anything. If you wanted to share these blogs on your social media, please feel free to do so. If you have any questions for me, do hit me up on the Contact page.

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