A New Facelift

The advantage of using Format.com is the ability to make changes as and when you like. When I decided to have a new fresh look on my website last night, a few clicks and adjustment later, everything is almost done. The hardest part is re-organising the photos into new or existing categories which need more deeper thoughts and decision-making. My priority is to remove photos that no longer fit into the kind of imagery that I’m seeking now. This process will probably take a while before completion, so do bear with me.

I have decided to change to a brighter tone for the background of the new facelift, with slimmer text and the menu permanently on the left side of the gallery for easy navigation. To browse through the images, you can either click on the link on the top left (previous/next) or just click on the photo. You can also view images in the gallery as the thumbnail by clicking on the icon on the top right. The content in the About page has updated, and some minor changes made on the Contact page. The new theme for the website has already gone live, so do send me a message should you have some suggestion on how to make it better.

As of today, I have 23 exposed films sitting in my fridge waiting for processing at the lab. To tell you the truth, I have forgotten about the contents in these films, I can only remember a handful, but most remain a mystery until it returns from the lab. There will be excitement and disappointment looking at those negatives for sure, but when I put it away into the little shoebox, it will be forgotten once again, until the end of the year before it will resurface. I hope by then, I would have no emotional attached to any of the images, and I can pick them out with a clearer mind. Just like Facebook, after two months without it, I have no urge to click on it or log back into my account, I have somehow forgotten I owned one. I have used the time spent on Facebook on more productive activities, like reading photography blogs, researching and self-enrichment topics, not forgetting more photo walks. Will it make a difference? I’ll be lying if I say no, but to see a greater result, we will have to wait a while longer.

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